Website Design by amondi

The first impression counts. With a modern website design, you decide whether the visitor will turn into a customer. We will build your story so that you can present your best digital face. Request a non-binding offer!

WebDesign Services

Portfolio Websites

Memorable one-pagers
Creative presentation of your skills
More innovative than regular business cards

Web Apps

Single-page apps
Progressive web apps
Customised and tailor-made

Landing Page

New clients 24/7
Sale-boosting page
Attractive product presentation

SEO-Search Engine Optimisation

Application of the latest trends & functions
Keyword-optimised content creation
Long-term return on investment

Webshop / E-Shop

Creating a memorable webshop
Targeted design
Easy administration

UI / UX Design

Creative design of your website/app/webshop
Compatible colour design
Excellent design of your corporate identity

What Website Design by amondi Means for You

You have probably experienced this: A modern web design caught your attention and you wanted to know more about it. The first few seconds are crucial: you decide whether to leave or stay on the page.
We know why visitors do not become your customers. Because a professional and modern website design is the first contact with the potential customer and the most important presentation of your product. Our team of specialists is dedicated to staging your product visually with a modern web design, but also technically, with an interactive website design. Do you ever click on page three of Google Search?
Neither do we.

Portfolio Websites

You work as a creative freelancer and would like to present your portfolio on your website without much fuss? Your competences deserve to be presented in a special way. No more boring business cards that are thrown away after a quick glance. Your portfolio website concisely shows your customers what they can expect from you. We offer a creative and professionally designed interactive website just for you.

Web Shops / E-Shop

You would like to start your own webshop? You want your online store to be open 24/7 and optimally represent your product with the aim of turning the visitor into a shopping-loving customer?
We will design the complete layout of your webshop. We are there for you every step of the way: from your idea, through planning and design to implementation and follow-up. Depending on your target audience, we will adapt the online marketing tools to your perfectly designed webshop so that you can attract potential customers. We know it, and so do you: only the shops with online presence make good business profit.

SEO-Search Engine Optimisation

What use do you have of a beautiful and informative website design if potential customers cannot find you? Exactly, no use at all!
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not a one-time thing. In order to keep up with the ever-changing Google algorithms, our SEO geeks take appropriate action: keyword analysis, usability and conversion optimisation, link building, high-quality content marketing tailored to your target group.
SEO is so lucrative because it provides a long term return on investment (ROI). Optimal results and more efficient search engine optimisation are important for your success, especially at the very beginning. Where did you hear that from? From us, of course!

Landing Pages

Imagine a website design that operates 24/7 to gain new customers for you? Your landing page is your sales page which represents your offer to which the visitors responds. The following features are extremely important since they are used for your targeted product and marketing of the services you provide: modern web design, intuitive and user-friendly operation, provision of clear information and call to action.

Web Apps

What do you want to achieve with your website? Which processes do you want to optimise? What should your ideal website look like? Our innovative developers will design the perfect web app for your project. We design single-page apps (SPA) and progressive web apps (PWA) but we alos develop tailor-made technologies that can be implemented into your existing web app.

UX/UI Design

Are you wondering what UI/UX design is and why it might be important for your business? Apps, whether mobile or websites, are becoming increasingly complex – and not just in terms of development, but implementation as well! Our digital designers attribute great importance to a user-friendly and intuitive application of a modern website.
User Interface (UI) is a graphical user interface, acting as an interface between the user and the app, and it is an important measurement criterion for optimising your website. Your customer should focus on the key element (your product) and have a very positive user experience.
The specific requirements of your website should be measured by using the User Experience (UX). It describes the entire experience that your customer has on your website.
Do not worry, you do not have to dive deep into website design. We are here for you!